We are ASL, a digital design studio based in JB.

Reasons to work with us.

ASL Designer Studio is one of Malaysia’s leading brand, design, and digital agencies. We create great design that helps Malaysian businesses compete in the new economy. With intelligent graphic design and brand identity, our work creates robust brand platforms that drive business success for our clients.



Our work is not an art. We plan, design, create, develop, write and reach, in order to communicate a message and achieve a business objective. Anything else is just sitting pretty. Our most important mission is to help our clients develop a design for their brand that makes their company edgy, up to date, and also helps them to stand out from the crowd.



Our philosophy is simple. We work to exceed client expectations. We achieve this by thinking outside the square (or rectangle, or circle), innovating, pushing our creative limits, embracing the element of surprise and having fun. We will make sure your brand spectacular with our creative design solutions.


Pushing the Boundaries. 

We bring creative and technology together to invent, explore and build experiences that transport brands to a new place. Our designers are driven by inspired thinkers, creative and innovative who work together to help clients get outstanding results.

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